Sol Hashemi - Untitled (Job Listings)

Sol Hashemi - Untitled (Job Listings)


Untitled (Job Listings)
20 x 14 x 11 with Lid Closed
For purchase, please contact the artist directly at solhashemi @

Pigment Print, Systainer 1, SYS-Cart, Kaizen Foam Insert, Rock and HDMI Cable

The rock, cable, and wood grained twist tie were components of a previous project exhibited at Sculpture Center in New York City.


Sol Hashemi is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY and Seattle, WA as well as a co-director of the art space Veronica located in Seattle. He views his artworks as mushrooms popping up occasionally from a vast mycorrhizal web.


Artist Statement:
"I’m handed a flyer for Zipcar. A Strawberry Nutrigrain cereal bar is taped on, obscuring the red Ford Focus below - the car is a computer rendering. Works fluctuate between states of dissolve and support. Images bleed, images support images. If Pop was nylon these are Gore-Tex. Supports, Spills, Towels, a Computer Glitch, Stains, Virtual Spill in the Yogurt Aisle. To spill oneself across the possibilities of working with the image, and then mop it all back up."

Veronica (Curator) -

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