Luke Armitstead - Circuit Board

Luke Armitstead - Circuit Board


Circuit board
H 7" x W 30.5" x D 2"
Hydrocal, Ceramic, Acrylic Paint, Paper, Epoxy


Luke Armitstead was born in 1989 in Seattle, WA.  He received a BFA in 2011 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and completed a Post Baccalaureate In Ceramics at University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2014.  Luke has primarily been working in Ceramic Sculpture, yet also works as a painter, and designer.  His work is intuitive, colorful, and abstract, however it is often fueled by concepts that seek to relate to, or interact with people, landscape, and design.  Luke has been shown in a number of Galleries through out Chicago, New York City, London, Seattle, and the Midwest.


Artist Statement:
"I am driven by intuition, expression, and freedom of the hand through the materials I utilize: ceramics, paint, wood, etc.   In my work, one may see colorful fragmented structures, primal bodily forms, architectural models, or function.

However, aside from my organic forms, my projects are driven by ideas that seek to relate to, or interact with a physical landscape or place.

I reference the environment, design, architecture, and public spaces to create abstracted, sculptural forms primarily built in ceramics.   When drawing inspiration for design, my major influences include architects such as Antoni Gaudi, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser for their ability to bring Art to the public through Design and Architecture.   In the context of painting and sculpture, I look to Contemporary Artists such as Franz West, and Thomas Houseago for their bold and urgent ways of making.

My pieces have a vital presence as objects, but when they are combined or collaborated with a site, or a space they create an otherworldly environment that blends the best of the natural and the architectural surroundings we inhabit."

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