Francisco Guerrero - Schiltron

Francisco Guerrero - Schiltron


Mixed media
46 x 46 x 48 inches

Francisco Guerrero originally from Southern California, receiving a BFA from USC’s Roski School and an MFA from conceptual art locus UC, San Diego. An Associate Professor at Seattle University, Francisco teaches all levels of painting and drawing. He lives and works in Seattle, Wa.


Artist Statement:
Francisco Guerrero has primarily been a painter whose work spans over 20 years and includes portraiture, mapping, human desire, and military proliferation, all seen through the lens of American popular culture. Since 2015, Francisco has been working in sculpture. His focus is on objects of violence and surveillance, and re-making them with the aesthetics of their victims. This has taken the form of a Predator UAV built of bamboo, security cameras painted like Lowriders, and, in the case of TECH SUPPORT, a fish trap turned into Christmas decoration.


Thoughts on tech:
"The nexus of the arts and tech community in Seattle should be more obvious. Both communities use design as their vocabulary of interaction. Collaborations between us have however been few, and there seems to be a notion of us existing in different camps. The future of our interactions with technology will continue to scar over until the tech becomes a seamless part of us – as creators."

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