Ellen (Jing) Xu - Partner

Ellen (Jing) Xu - Partner


Partner (Video still)
HD Video, sound,
05:14 (looped to 22:47)
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Ellen (Jing) Xu was born and raised in Inner Mongolia, China. She completed her MFA at University of Washington in 2016. Xu utilizes installation, video, sculpture, and performance. She lives and works in NYC and DC. Her work has been reviewed in The Seattle times, and Hyperallergic.

Artist Statement:
"I am a multidisciplinary artist from Inner Mongolia, China. I utilize video, sculpture, drawing, murals and interventions to explore gender identity and the boundaries between Chinese and Western art fields, as a way of seeing how thoughts and feelings refract through these different lenses. My artwork is characterized both by labor and humor. My practice explores the notion of how stereotypes within a system can be redefined through the application of certain actions, performance, and imaginative play.

My goal is to displace and discombobulate the viewer--to place them in my head and give them a first-hand experience of this process.

Sometimes, I am a collaborative maker; I do this because for me, thinking is feeling. I am trying to find the “right outfit” for my ideas. I am interested in using art as tool to share my thoughts and life experience with the audience. Art is both the way I process the world internally and the way through which I’m best equipped to communicate my ideas with the external."


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