Dakota Gearhart - digi fertility POV

Dakota Gearhart - digi fertility POV


digi fertility POV
4K Digital Video
Duration 2 min 6 sec
$700 (Edition of Five)


Dakota Gearhart uses video, photography, and installation to examine the environment and how it is perceived through technology and mythology. Her work has been shown at national and international venues like The Bronx Museum of the Art, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center; Tacoma Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, and Taiyuan Normal University. She is a finalist for the Neddy Artist Award and has previously been awarded the Puffin Foundation Grant and an NEA Fellowship through Residency Unlimited. She received her MFA from the University of Washington, her BFA from Florida State University, and, currently, lives and works between Seattle, WA and Brooklyn, NY.


Artist Statement:
"I bundle together my interests in perception, the role of care and intimacy, and the importance of fantasy in articulating more creative and less oppressive futures. My work encompasses photography, video, and room-sized multimedia installations. These incorporate found materials I collect at places like microbiology labs, spam folders, and industrial dumps. Reorganized according to science-fiction and anti-commercial aesthetics, these materials function as tools to subvert exploitative power dynamics. One of my principal goals is to depict what a collapse of hierarchy--whether social, material, or informational--might look like. These scenarios are balanced by an embrace of empathy and otherworldliness, which I incorporate to reimagine the narrative lenses through which we perceive, select, and move through our daily lives."


Thoughts on tech/arts:
"When I think about the art and technology community, I hope for conversation, and possibly collaboration. Some questions I’m interested in asking are: How can advances in technology further empathy and intimacy without companies chasing monetary-driven commercialist values, or can these two goals exist in tandem? A more philosophical question: why does tech embolden fetish (especially for data collection) instead of incorporating tools for cultivating intuition? Lastly, I’d love to talk with users, programmers, or developers who work in the $97 billion industry of porn and ask how can this influential genre rally for sex-positivity and just practices as the industry of digital sex grows into new virtual territories (VR, AI, telepresence sex toys, gaming, webcams)? If any of these questions strike a cord with you, please send me a note @tiffkota on Instagram or dakgearhart@gmail.com."

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