Cecilia Salama - we can meet tonight by satellite

Cecilia Salama - we can meet tonight by satellite


we can meet tonight by satellite
Heart-shaped print on aluminum
11” x 11”


Cecilia Salama (b. 1990 London, England) is an artist and curator based in New York. Salama's practice ruminates on romantic fantasy, obsession, consumerism and femininity, all while reflecting how much these thing have changed by our constant use of the internet. Select solo projects include shows at 315 Gallery, Rice University, Arts & Leisure. Select group exhibitions include NADA New York; Ed Varie, LA; Artspace Baltimore; Ditch Projects, Portland; and Anna Jill Lupertz Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Artist Statement:
"This print is a part of a series titled “Displaced Desire”, of miniature figurines of animals on the endangered species list found on eBay. I’m questioning the way that these are photographed, handled, measured with care, and put up for sale on eBay for other uses to obsess, save up for, and buy."

Instagram: @spaceeceecee

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