Alex Boeschenstein - Intro to World-Building (Free Trial Subscription)

Alex Boeschenstein - Intro to World-Building (Free Trial Subscription)


Intro to World-Building (Free Trial Subscription), 2017, Archival Inkjet Print, underwear, jewelry & usb drive, 9” x 15”

If you email Alex at, with subject line “Tech Support Request”, he will send you a compressed zip with a random assortment of files contained on his personal hard drives. It will be a variation of the file set contained in the piece’s hanging usb drive. You may do with these files whatever you like.



Alex Boeschenstein (U.S., born 1988) is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, printmaking, video, sculpture, 3D modeling, game design, and installation. Alex has exhibited his work in Gallery 4Culture, Glass Box Gallery, Out of Sight, and The Alice.


"Although rooted in the traditions of drawing and printmaking, my approach to art-making is supported by an increasingly interwoven relationship between handcrafted, tactile processes and forms of digital media. In both cases, I utilize technical visual languages, information visualizations, and photography as terminals into realms of intuitive abstraction as well as threads tying personal narratives to political and historical fields of inquiry. My work is particularly preoccupied with surveillance, urbanism, geopolitics, and specific examples of grandiose human failures."

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